Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band

A C64 and "Uwe Schenk trifft..."

Goto80 (Anders Carlsson, 1981) works with music, research and projects
that mostly deal with 8-bit systems. He has developed his own praxis
and theory somewhere inbetween media materialism and
doing-it-for-the-lulz. He might be on TV dressed in salad just as well
as publishing fancy academic papers on ASCII art.

Goto80 grew up in the demoscene – the first large digital subculture
for audiovisual hacking. He released his first song in 1993 and became
a prominent figure, particularly (dis)liked for bringing errors into a
perfectionist scene. Still, he was one of three nominees for all-time
best C64-composer at Commodore 64's 25-year anniversary.

Goto80 was one of the first 8-bit musicians to make concerts and
records around 2000. Coming from the demoscene, it came natural to
experiment with audiovisuals, copyleft distribution and quasi-sexual
connections with machines. He became an important character in the
chipmusic scene, and was Microdisko's artist of the year in 2005.

With his first published research in 2008, he turned more towards art
and science. He wrote a master thesis about the methods and
motivations of 8-bit musicians. His art works have focused on
performance (2SLEEP1, Gotozilla) and computer violence (HT Gold,
Polybius) and have been shown at Cimatics, Montevideo, Piksel and
Radiator. He is still active in the demoscene.

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