The Courier

International delivery and back home in time for tea

International Shipping rates:

  • Electronica/IDM - £1.50
  • Acid/House - £2.50
  • Old Skool / Hardcore - £3.00
  • Jungle / Breakcore - £3.50
  • Ambient - £4.00

Please add £1 to upgrade to express next day delivery.

Some say the Courier passed through the Bermuda triangle whilst delivering goods by Water-Ski and became stuck in a world of pastiche. Others have spotted his silhouette cycling over the moon with what can only be described as a strange being sat in the front basket.
A small amount say he resides in peace and tranquility within a village, deep in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales.

Born 1985, Greg P has grown up with broad musical tastes and has always been one for exploring new sounds, but it wasn't until he stumble across an enigmatic friend by the name of "Recsund" that he was influenced into creating electronic music.

Friends have mentioned he'd be a great survivor to have around in a Zombie apocalypse, ensuring the beats didn't die out like the majority of the human race, and keeping the party alive.

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