Prince Of Subliminal Aftertaste

"Noidboy is a well separated creature from Reality, a straightly non-conceptual structure full made of essence, that stands between melodies and rythms, forms and expressions, that neither for one second put feet on the field of things as we know them.

It’s a completely abstract entity, that for this quiet simple reason cannot achieve defined form to the ear-eyes of people. No-identity-boy suffers a brutal lack of contact with normality, linearity, and logic. Due to this fact, he cannot develop a defined personality as all of you can concieve it. He’s the whore of Truth, the martyr of expressionism, the vector of the deepest side of soul nature, and a so fuckin stupid guy.

Indeed, all this shit is to say that he comes from Rome, he’s 22, and he crashed in life, and actually, at the moment, is in the worst position that a human being could never have been placed in in his lifetime.

Will he finally shoot his head or not..? Discover it by following upitup dot com…"

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