Jonas The Plug Expert

Fidelity Castro’s Pocket Rocket

Jonas' detailed descriptions of mangled digital soundscapes filled with filigree creatures and atmospheric sceneries can only be explained from serious head trauma in his youth ‘caused by an exploded commodore 64.
Either that or the influence of his father’s guitar playing and mothers ambient belly noises when he was still in foetus mode.
Imagine a tracking shot through a world with swampy basslines, racing snares and drumsets flying in helicopters overlooking sinus-wave-snakes hanging from infinite tree structures of hierarchical noise.

Jonas himself is quite a regular guy: video game addict / smoker of the substances. He fucks 4 cats & 1 girlfriend + studies Sonology in the Hague.
We first met him when he came out to play with us at the F.E.A.R. Festival in Rome in 2003, where he impressed all of us with his funky ass tunes coming out of his laptop at a nice pizza dinner on Jacques’ balcony.Proud to have him on board of our gay looking space ship.

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