Melodramatic Horror Grime


An Upitup All-star

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Kido hails from the sunny side of Italy, CaliFormia, yet dishes out some of the dirtiest, darkest beats you ears will ever rest upon. His Melodramatic Horror Grime combines sampled funk lyrics, weighty bass-lines, high-pitched electronic blips and jagged textures: Kido’s third release is a labyrinthic Lynchian oeuvre.

Landed in London a couple of years back, Kido’s sound was heavily influenced by the thick waves of Dubstep that navigate the metropolis, the greasy chip-shops and Mustafa’s tyre garage. He has contributed to some of BugKlinik’s finest mash-ups, playing alongside Overkill and Warp artists in the gloomy Belgian nights whilst finding time to make interactive installations as a sound artist.

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