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“Hi Freaks ! My name is Popeye, and i’m [guÿôm]’s cutie pet cat. I’ve been asked to write a few words about my beloved master, so here we go.

[guÿôm] is living in Angers, a small town in the west of France. I know him only for 3 years, but he seems to compose electronic music for 5 years or so , and he was a member of “lecollectif17ans” .. I’ve been raised with the sound of noises coming out of his favorite instruments (being currently his Waldorf Micro Q, and micro modular… a BOSS “Mega Distortion MD2” pedal effect). My master likes to mix his humoristic and iconoclast tastes with noisy and distorted effects and some darker inspiration: his music always reflects both sides of his mood. And i know that he like to remix tracks (...well, if he likes them).

I’ve also heard that he is preparing an lp on a more rythmical basis, for an interresting young french label, Ego Twister. If you want to know more, please, drop us a mail, we’d love to hear about you. Bye !”

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