Union Jacques

aka Jacques MalChance

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An Upitup All-star

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From the brain, body and spirit of Jacques MalChance comes this new more britishised version of the already well known Groovy-Italo-Caveman.

After 7 years in the UK and rooting himself in Liverpool and its music, living on THE boat, and putting on amazing underground electronic music parties(from the legendary Skam/Icasea parties to Rephlex Records parties and Bunker Records parties just to mention a few), not only he clearly matured as a human being, but parallelly we noticed also an evolution in his musical style, and we can officially confirm that the UK is partly (if not fully) to blame for his changes in musical direction. THAT is why, even though he is still fully operational as Jacques MalChance(check his latest piano recordings), the Union Jacques project focuses primarily on deep british inspired music, aka mersey-bass/jungle-drops/electro-pop/synth-britannia/digi-dub/jazzy-drum'n'bass/acid-reggae-techno.

This is an open provocation to the values and trends that come about in the UK, trying to understand and re-interpret the symbols and esthetics, whether it is TEA or Dubstep, and their effect on the culture.

Rumour has it that the name came about just before he experienced a semi-poltergeist experience in Benesov(CZ) when he was asked to sign a big union jack flag, and not knowing what to do, he put down "Union Jacques".

He is now available for vinyl only DJ sets, please get in touch if interested.

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