Spacetime Foam

upmix06 by Roglok , released in May 2011

Hawking digs UPMIX06

Hawking digs UPMIX06

Title Artist
1) Welcome to Drexciya Drexciya
2) SH101 Triggers MS10 DMX Krew
3) Disclix Kerrier District
4) Sea Snake Drexciya
5) The Voice of Energy Kraftwerk
6) Three Anthony Manning
7) Birdstrike Team Doyobi
8) Wrong Potion Actress
9) Back to Nature Fad Gadget
10) Untitled (Cuckoo) AFX
11) Autotrigger John Amok
12) Hold it Down 2 Bad Mice
13) The Wobbler Xenophobia
14) K2 Tan-09
15) Space is the Place The Carrier Wave
16) Etched Headplate Burial
17) Geradewohl Roedelius


Musical style: DANCE

A bit of Rephlex goodness, some Rave classix and a couple of fillers mashed together for car, home and spacecraft use.

Roglok himself is known for turning any event into a raging dance happening, crowd surfing not excluded. He is the founder of Hyperground Radio which is airing in Stuttgart via Freies Radio & worldwide via the internets.

And if you don't know, now you know!

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