Don't Drop The Dumbells

upmix08 by Captain Johnson , released in May 2011

The Captain

The Captain

Title Artist
1) 3 Aphex Twin
2) Secret Base Radio Slave
3) Gulaschkanone CEE
4) Solid Sleep Jeff Mills
5) Who's Afraid of Detroit? Claude Vonstroke
6) Method Silent Breed
7) Priority One (Capt J Mix) Neo Luddites
8) Superluminary Cursor Miner
9) Hi-Tech Dreams Mad Mike
10) Tart Attack Star Captain Johnson
11) Zeiss Crisis Captain Johnson
12) Passworld Joseph Capriati
13) Berlin DP 6
14) Annihilated DJ Dan
15) C Chaos (Live at the orbit) Regis & Female
16) Gold Hiroaki Iizuka
17) A Child Can do the Laundry Radial
18) Nonphixion Mhonolink Tor Lowkrantz
19) 2025 DJ Seoul
20) Hate Is Love (Oscar_Mulero_remix) Paul Boex & Oscar Mulero
21) Bunker 003 Carra
22) Mein Head Captain Johnson
23) Bouncing Gravity Engine Captain Johnson
24) Get On Up (Umek Remix) DJ Rush
25) Love Express (Umek_remix) Mateo Murphy
26) Under Pressure Zoid Distek
27) Berlin Jeff Mills
28) Dingy Folk Distek
29) Back 2 The Old Spirit Riino
30) Black Medallion Captain Johnson


Musical style: IDM

Captain Johnson delivered a solid Dj set at Upitup's 8th birthday party at Don't Drop The Dumbells in Liverpool in March. For those of you who couldn't make it, here's the live recording to get an idea of the complete magnitude of another great Upitup Merseyside event. Love letters welcome.

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