upmix14 by Tracky Birthday , released in January 2012

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3) Edge Of Reality Elvis Presley
4) Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
5) Many Men (Gonzales version) 50 Cent
6) Naughty Girls Cory Arcangel
7) Tempo Echokrank
8) Game Rick Van Der Linden
9) Neretva Vernon LeNoir
10) Nuthin' But A Can Opener The Discoghosts & Snoop Dogg
11) Skanky Panky Kid Koala
12) Sugar On My Tongue (DJ Ayres Remix) Talking Heads with Trick Daddy & Ludacris
13) Excuse You MC Paul Barman
14) Taboo (Scratch Happy Land version) Arthur Lyman & Kid Koala
15) Figaro (101 Rmx) Madvillain
16) Pinky (Missy Elliot cover) Satanicpornocultshop
17) Rigby Reggae (Loo & Placido mashup) The Beatles vs. Seeed
18) P2P Dragan Espenschied
19) Oh Centra Javelin
20) Notorious Twins Notorious B.I.G. & Bone Thugs 'n Harmony with Aphex Twin
21) Sittin' In My Car Slick Rick
22) Gypsy Chimp Wevie Stonder
23) Rat-Tat-Tat (1991 Demo Version) Dr. Dre
24) Always Look On The Bight Side Of Life (Monty Python cover) Thiaz Itch


Tricks is an adventurous mix full of smokey bar stories, bizarre circus stunts, corny prison tales, raw pawn shop romanticism, endearing gangster confessions, crooked gypsy fests, dusty futurism, masked rappers and other entertaining ish.

features a broad range of genres and styles that will keep you far from boredom while swinging that Photoshop lasso or rocking that jammed freeway. Tricks means clever mashups and elegant transitions, inspiring cover versions and rarities. Tricks means spectacular turntablism techniques, advanced programming of obsolete home computer sound chips, beatboxing and circuit bending, rhyming "def tunes" with "Jeff Koons". Tricks is for/about liars and cheaters, homeless and homeboys, tramps and hoboes, outlaws and underdogs, debuggers and tree huggers, freaks and geeks. Just look at the cover!

Hope you enjoy.



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