Live at Kaiju #8 (Opening Dj Set)

upmix23 by Jacques Malchance , released in January 2015

Title Artist
1) Scratch Robotniks I:Cube
2) Data-Module My Panda Shall Fly + Benjamin Jackson
3) Bend Over Wagon Christ
4) UK74R1405036 Aleksi Perala
5) Tour De France Kraftwerk
6) Prime Audio Soup (Boards Of Canada Mix) Meat Beat Manifesto
7) Mate Tron Luke Vibert
8) Andreaen Sand Dunes Drexciya
9) Onneon Rmx Nice Nice Vs Strategy
10) Chi Sygni DMX Krew


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And Kaiju is what the Romans do best!

Recorded straight from the desk at the last Kaiju party at 30 Formiche (Rome) on 27th of December 2014. Jacques’ warm up dj set, “the tone setter”, the background music as you enter the club and queue for a drink.

Audio is RAW AS F%$K, the decks were crap, the mixer was crap, but nonetheless we partied hard and had a bloody good time, and we believe its better to share the fun rather than have none at all. Tape this to a cassette and blast it out in your car whilst cruising through the city (or the countryside! or the autobahn!), or use it to gear up whilst getting ready for a night out, or even as your morning wake up call.

Coming up next is the closing set, the bangers, the rave cave meltdown, the gran finale, the other half of the cover pic.

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