Where did the haters go?

upmix11 by Pierlo , released in August 2011

Cover by Google

Cover by Google

Title Artist
1) Oh Susanna Andrey Tarkovsky's "Solaris" OST
2) SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be Klenginem
3) PUTS - Hit The Top Remix Yellow Tangerine
4) Go$$ip Duke Slammer
5) Too Many / demo edit Galapagoose
6) Eye Madlib
7) Simple Elegance Cosmic Analog Ensemble
8) Smudge Hawaii Polysick
9) Bluffin Quasimoto
10) Sunday Datassette
11) Flylo - Parisian Goldfish Remix TAKE
12) IWYWAW Com Truise
13) Crazy Monkey Steve Ballmer
14) Bad Character Quasimoto
15) 2Pac - Changes Remix Microsoft Songsmith
16) Phantom of the Floppera FunToTheHead (Youtube)


Pierlo's graduation party mixtape! Featuring klingon raps, wanky beats, nerd jokes, and a couple bad mixing tricks! All done on audiocassette and lotsa rec/pause switchin'. Enjoy the summery bonfire atmosphere before autumn comes.

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