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Time Capsule Vol. 1 by Büromaschinen



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Two Young Boys by Ready for Men

"Time Capsule Vol. 1" by Büromaschinen OUT NOW

22nd April 2014 by Pierlo

Upfree61 Cover

Upfree61 Cover

After a somewhat embarassingly long spring break we're finally back with a new lineup of free releases.
Starting today, it's Büromaschinen's turn. This unbelievably multi-talented artist gifts us with his "Time Capsule Vol. 1", a compilation of early works and experiments dating all the way back to 1999 (for comparison, Netscape was still a thing and Upitup wasn't even born yet).
All the tracks on this EP were composed on an old PC rigged with nothing but Jeskola Buzz – and unlike the ungodly fate that doomed the author of Buzz itself, Büromaschinen's alleged backup-driven-paranoia made sure the original files were stored on an actual file-based "time capsule" which – luckily for us – kept all those .bmx files intact for all those years.

So here we are, almost 20 years later, with this incredibly present-day sounding selection of tracks that were literally brought back from the dead with just a tiny bit of that mastering magic. Enough said: download it for free now.

PS stay around, cause there's more to come.

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Upmix22 by Orree out – Live at Kaiju 12/28

18th February 2014 by The Kaiju Family

upmix22 cover

upmix22 cover

Orree – who has gained himself a stable seat in the roman members of the Kaiju family – has finally landed on these shores with a kick-ass one hour vinyl-only mix. In this set, performed during the last Kaiju event in Rome last december, he blends a variety of tracks coming from the deep (deep!) underground, creating a selection made of hypnotic, dark and percussive instability.
If you're in Rome next month come see the next Kaiju event, Sat. 8th of March at Muzak Club for this and more.

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Tony Loco releases Upmix21! Upitup live in Rome this Saturday!

26th December 2013 by Santa Monty

We work on boxing day too like your fave footballers!!

As a Christmas festivities surprise, finally we host a mix by one of the finest Liverpool Dj (now based in Bristol) Tony Loco. He's been one of the highlights of the Upitup nights in Liverpool, since pretty much the beginning, and he always delivers high energy and fun packed sets!! Absorb and burn your Christmas fats and sugars with this fast paced Footwork laced mix, with hints of jungle and ragga: all the way LUSH!

And don't forget to listen to Upmix20 by dj PIER! he will perform at our Christmas showcase KAIJU#4 in Rome 30 Formiche this Saturday 28 Dec along with the best acts from Upitup and our mates at Brainstormlab


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Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
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