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Yoshida Com debuts on Upitup

21st September 2014 by Yoshi

Cover by Yoshida Com

Cover by Yoshida Com

When we got a hold of the EP titled "Onna no Kanjo (1988)" by a mysterious Japanese artist named Yoshida Com we immediately decided this (very) short but awesome album had to be part of our catalogue.
From what we could gather, this collection of Japanese lofi underground electropop songs was originally recorded in 1988 at the Yoshida studio and just recently rediscovered. The tracks were all composed using a Roland D20, a Casio SA21, a Casiotone MT36 keyboard and an Alesis HR16 drum machine.

That's all there is to know. Go ahead and download the album for free here!

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P.P. Roy - Watch The Dough Nut Not The Hole - IS OUT!

18th August 2014 by Betty Turpin

watch the dough nut

watch the dough nut

Well is a special day indeed.
As promised, slightly late in a classic upitup fashion, it is now time to watch the doughnut.

If you, like us, have been a Rephlex aficionado for a long time and grew up listening to and going mad to "In At The Beep End", then we know exactly how you feel. Remember when we said "After a long stay at the Betty Turpin clinic P.P. Roy has finally been released to revive his music career"?, well that sentence is truer than ever today.

Many of us have been waiting 12 years for this, P.P. Roy's second album and third official release ever. (Ok, there is a few hidden tracks and gems on other compilations if you dig on discogs).
P.P. Roy has always shown a keen ear to relaxing, easy listening music but with an edge, and his love for crate digging is felt throughout all of his music, and is still very much present on this album.

No more bla bla bla, and let the music speak for itself.

Download, listen, focus, enjoy, share, spread, tell your friends and family!

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The Album Of The (late) Summer!

12th August 2014 by Mega Muson

P.P. Roy

P.P. Roy

Dear All,
We have something to tell you.
We are hugely excited to announce what is going to be our catalog release number 63. Like every other release, this is are very special one and is bound to be the album of the (late) summer.

Ladies and Gentleman...
P.P. Roy is back with "Watch The Dough Nut Not The Hole".

Whilst we prepare the last little bits, you can keep watching the hole and we will focus on the doughnut. RELEASE DATE: 18-08-2014:

Click Here To Listen To The Soundcloud "Trailer"

Please do not share and don't tell anyone! (we know you don't like being told what to do! ;) <3 xxx

Ps: In The meantime come and say hello at any of the above gigs!

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