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JTPE featured on Pi-Radio

22nd October 2014 by Monty

Digital Berlin  Pi-Radio

Digital Berlin Pi-Radio

D/B Radio with a view to bringing different styles and directions in music to a wider audience, and so fostering music that has a formidable and extraordinary approach.

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Segment II Ep by JTPE released

16th October 2014 by Pierlo



As a fellow Upitupper since day 1, JTPE (formerly known as Jonas The Plugexpert 'round here) is one hell of a prolific motherfucker. He keeps putting out one solid release after another, and it's with great honor that we present to you his latest effort:

"Segment II EP" is OUT NOW – free to download.

This EP is undeniably, undoubtedly, incontrovertibly JTPE at his best. It's a dense, deep, ultrafast and somewhat wild exploration of those alienlike trackerjungle landscapes terraformed in the early 2000s – that same sprouting bed that saw some of us take off in the sign of the early IDM pioneers and descend into a new, uncharted below-ground territory.

JTPE is, in our eyes, one of the few active survivors from that age of exploration. He's got a pretty rugged compass attached to his wrist, and knows his own goddamn way.

Please enjoy this release as much as we do, and feel free to pay a visit to JTPE's Bandcamp page for more.

Till next time!

Upcoming EP by JTPE

7th October 2014 by Monty The Plug Plugger

About Upitup

Up it up?

The slogan "Up It Up!" can be comprehended as a battlecry of digital culture. Unless you "up something up to the network", it stays where it is, unshared (in your brain, on your pc etc.). To "up it up" equally means to "go for it", to "make it hot".

Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
Based in Rome, Stuttgart, and Liverpool, we initially just wanted to make our sounds accessible to the public. The idea was to create an open platform for sharing ideas and staying/getting in contact with people. We later realized we're running what's considered a netlabel.

Upitup remains completely uninfected by commercial interests - to the contrary, we love to see the music industry trying to catch up with new technologies while suffering from their self-imposed politics. We are proud to be able to supply our music for free.

Do we need to mention that you can also book us?

With artists all around our polluted globe, from Down Under to Uptown USA, we will turn any party into a raving disco fuss. Feel free to contact us about anything:

  • E-mail: upituprecords -[ AT ]-
  • Skype: pierlo-laptop, trackybirthday
  • AIM: trackybirthday, pierlooqup