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Fri 17 Jul
Liverpool, Rat Alley
Global Goon, Tomasu, Captain Johnson
Sat 10 Oct
Liverpool, The Kazimier
"UPITUP" Our last and biggest to date party in the Kazimier before it gets demolished. TICKETS

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NEW NIGHT "BIG UPS" in Liverpool

28th April 2015 by tottibattistutamontella

Its been a good while since we've put on a party...and its gonna be a very hot summer!
So we have lined up the freshest line ups in a great al fresco alley to make it the best summer ever. Launching on June the 6th: BIG UPS in the Kazimier Rat Alley. Our brand new venture into the realms of fresh music!
Check out er tridente: VHS HEAD - PANORAM - BANTAM LIONS

more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/367647160100050/

hell yea 

UPMIX24 - Full Kaiju #8 Disclosure

20th January 2015 by Gabbara

Slow start to year?! You bet! Feels like we’re still recovering from the festivities and can’t quite get back on track, so for who doesn’t want to move on we have all the tools to go back in time and recreate one of the finest parties of 2014.

Jacques’ closing set at Kaiju, UPMIX24, the 3am slot right until we were forced to stop. Its bangin’ and raw and you can feel the sweat coming out the speakers.

To complete the party we also have the warm-up set (upmix23), and Pierlo’s amazing LIVE SET, undoubtedly a highlight of the evening.

Have fun setting up your rave and ciao for now.


8th January 2015 by Monty

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And Kaiju is what the Romans do best!

Yes we had a blast in Rome at the annual Kaiju xmas party, great tunes and lovely vibe all around, and even tho all roads lead to Rome, we understand you may have not been able to attend the party. BUT DON'T WORRY! We recorded the sets, yes audio is RAW AS F%$K, but we still believe its better to share the love than have none at all.

Here is UPMIX23: Jacques’ warm up dj set, “the tone setter”, the background music as you enter the club and queue for a drink.

Coming up next is the closing set, the bangers, the rave cave meltdown, the gran finale, the second half of the cover pic.

About Upitup

Up it up?

The slogan "Up It Up!" can be comprehended as a battlecry of digital culture. Unless you "up something up to the network", it stays where it is, unshared (in your brain, on your pc etc.). To "up it up" equally means to "go for it", to "make it hot".

Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
Based in Rome, Stuttgart, and Liverpool, we initially just wanted to make our sounds accessible to the public. The idea was to create an open platform for sharing ideas and staying/getting in contact with people. We later realized we're running what's considered a netlabel.

Upitup remains completely uninfected by commercial interests - to the contrary, we love to see the music industry trying to catch up with new technologies while suffering from their self-imposed politics. We are proud to be able to supply our music for free.

Do we need to mention that you can also book us?

With artists all around our polluted globe, from Down Under to Uptown USA, we will turn any party into a raving disco fuss. Feel free to contact us about anything:

  • E-mail: upituprecords -[ AT ]- upitup.com
  • Skype: pierlo-laptop, trackybirthday
  • AIM: trackybirthday, pierlooqup