©+ or CopyrightPlus™ is a stricter form of the regular copyright law. CopyrightPlus™ ensures the highest possible protection of intellectual property against any unlawful usage of content. In a way it prevents from any usage of its licensed content.


§1. It is illegal to:

- copy, share, broadcast or download the protected content,

- consume or enjoy the content in any form,

- whistle or hum any excerpts of the music,

- talk about, listen to or even think about all or any parts of the music,

- read the tracklist, album description or any other information connected to the protected content.

Any violation(s) against the effective laws as mentioned above in §1 will lead to immediate legal action with highest possible severity, resulting in a €1000.000,- fine and the public immolation of your first born.

Warning: this page is licensed under ©+, and you are herewith illegally reading this text. Your IP address has been detected and you're basically screwed. Forever.

And only because you enjoy stuff on the internet...



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