21st / 22nd / 23rd March, Liverpool (UK)

10 years of Upitup


  • Chiz Turnross Thu 21st
  • Ergo Phizmiz Thu 21st
  • Kepla Thu 21st
  • PP Roy Thu 21st
  • The Wyrding Module Thu 21st
  • Acrobat Fri 22nd
  • AGT Rave Cru Fri 22nd
  • Captain Johnson Fri 22nd
  • Ceephax Fri 22nd
  • Datassette Fri 22nd
  • Oddbwar Fri 22nd
  • Tony Loco Fri 22nd
  • VHS Head Fri 22nd
  • Benjamin Jackson Sat 23rd
  • Big Effigy Sat 23rd
  • Büro­maschinen Sat 23rd
  • DJ Rosela Comb Sat 23rd
  • Global Goon Sat 23rd
  • Isocore Sat 23rd
  • Jacques Malchance Sat 23rd
  • JFrank Sat 23rd
  • Jonas The Plugexpert Sat 23rd
  • Pierlo Sat 23rd
  • Roglok Sat 23rd
  • The Courier Sat 23rd
  • Tracky Birthday Sat 23rd
  • White
    Sat 23rd


Thursday 21st

“An Excessive Entertainment”

Ergo Phizmiz presents "GARGANTUA" (a medieval techno opera based on the cold war and rabelais), with support from The Wyrding Module(para musician Chris Gladwyn from Team Doyobi), rephlex aficionado P.p. Roy, and local artists Chiz Turnross and Kepla.

– where MelloMello, Liverpool
– door 7pm – 12pm / 5£ OTD

Friday 22nd

“Ten Means Ten”

This is bound to be one of the most exciting future electro-acid-techno raves to date, headlined by 303 guru Ceephax, with a stellar support of fresh new electronic music by VHS Head, Datassette, AGT Rave Cru and top local Dj and producers Tony Loco, Oddbwar, Captain Johnson and Acrobat

– where Kazimier, Liverpool
– door 10pm – 4am / 10£ OTD

Saturday 23rd

“Upitup All Stars”

The official closing party! an event that's never been done before...a true showcase of Upitup Records itself, with an oustanding 14 acts line-up taken all from our own roster, from old timers heroes to new comers favourites, now shout the only way is upitup!

– where Drop the Dumbells, Liverpool
– door 9pm – 4am / 5£ OTD

303 + 707 = 10

Thanks everyone for your support! We had a blast!

Since our foundation back in March 2003 we have released 50+ albums and organized over 40 events across Liverpool, Rome and Stuttgart, always purveying our own distinct selection of eclectic electronic music. As this is such a special occasion and we're turning 10 years young, we will take it a step further with a 3-night weekender showcasing our favourite artists and varied taste in music, at an incredibly price. So please join us in the celebrations!

Each event will focus on different aspects of live electronic music, starting thursday with composer Ergo Phizmiz headlining an evening of experimental electronica with his new Opera “GARGANTUA” — moving on to a full-on friday of ultimate RAVE music, headlined by the acid techno master that is Ceephax, and finishing it all off on saturday with the ultimate UPITUP ALL STARS mega party! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more info, latest news etc.