Masked Mercenary of Musical Mayhem


An Upitup All-star

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With an eye for sound and an ear for imagery, multifaceted producer and self proclaimed music mercenary JFrank, draws influences from the most varied and strange places, giving birth to hybridous mutant non-genres making it difficult to classify and put into a nice box, next to your perfectly arranged genre artists (a frustration he is pleased to cause his listeners). Sampling, Synthesis, Foley recordings, movie sampling, home grown patches, extensive use of hardware plus a strong focus on live manipulation and improvisation are just some of the tools used to create his eccentric sub breed of retro-futuristic experimentation. Nevertheless, the most warming surprise comes from the fact that all his outputs are extremely accessible, making the most pretentious scene kids lush and shy the fuck away, realizing that not all experimental music  needs to be odd ball, brainy and hard to get into.

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